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Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Weekend

Had a lovely weekend when I was able to visit the country side near Bangalore (about 45 km or 2 hours away) for a silence-filled oxygen-rich getaway.
The location - Jain Farms near Baggalur where a very soothing resort with basic amenities awaits you.
The road was good and only choppy at some places; however, what hits you as you drive out of Bangalore is the sheer growth in urban development on the outskirts like a growing amoeba. It is therefore not long before the boundaries of Bangalore will get extended and we will have more sq. km under the city administration.
Back to mother nature where I was transformed into a person lost in pristine nature among various fruit and flowering trees amidst lush green environs and very few human beings on this lovely Saturday.
Now in the midst of a great family debate whether one should own such a place for oneselves to spend some more weekends like that.
We are in the process of debating that this space for updates and progress..

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